GaitON is widely used at retail running outlets & shoe stores to recommend shoes for runners and other athletes based on the degree of foot pronation .

The user friendly interface of GaitON makes it easy to do a complete running gait analysis in a matter of minutes and export all the data in form of interactive reports.


How does gaiton boost my shoe sales?

All runners can be divided into specific foot pronation categories depending on their running style. Clinical research suggests that selecting shoes from their corresponding foot pronation category helps runners enjoy injury free running.

A 5 minute running gait analysis in GaitON helps identify the pronation category of every runner and recommend the best shoes for them.

Injury free runners = happy customers.
Happy customers = increased sales and free word of mouth marketing!

GaitON @ your store!

With requirements as low as a treadmill and a computer, you can get GaitON up and running at your store in no time. From setting up the system at the store to training the store staff, we believe in providing  complete assistance to all our customers.


Wish to know more about how GaitON can revolutionize your shoe store? We would love to have a conversation.